Town Of Webb

Town of Webb FREE Swimming Lessons Information

June 30, 2017
     Beginning on Monday July 10th at the Old Forge Beach

Town of Webb Swim Lessons 2017


Information Sheet
BEACH HOURS - 9am - 6pm seven days/week, weather permitting



Program Information:


We will start swim lessons on Monday, July 10th. There is no cost associated with swim lessons this year. Our lessons are simply for fun, as there are no Red-Cross affiliated certifications awarded. Lessons are always weather permitting, so please feel free to call us with any questions! Our end of the season picnic is planned for Friday, August 11th at 2pm. Parents, please plan to bring a dish to pass!




Please feel free to stop by the beach or call us at 315-369-2039! We are open from 9-6pm, seven days a week.


Lesson Times:


Level I*               Monday, Wednesday               10:15-11:00               
Level II A             Monday, Wednesday               10:15-11:00

Level II B             Monday, Wednesday               9:30-10:15


Level II C             Tuesday, Thursday                 11:00-11:45

Level III               Tuesday, Thursday                 10:15-11:00

Level IV +            Tuesday, Thursday                 9:30-10:15


*Level I swimmers must be accompanied by an adult


Thank you,

Heather Hayes, 2017 Beach Director